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We manufactures Pre- Lubricated (PLB) HPDE Teleom Ducts with the superior grade of High-Density Polyethylene materials for conveying optical fiber cables with extremely low friction.

PLB HDPE TELECOM DUCTS are used as underground cable conduits for optical fibre cables ,suitable for cable installation by blowing technique or pulling by rope.

Specification : 32mm / 26mm , 40mm / 33mm , 50mm / 42mm

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PVC or HDPE Porous Pipe

Vertical embedded PVC or HDPE porous pipe for communication used as fiber cable protection pipe, which is porous structure fabricated through compounding and extrusion processes. The product can be easily used for wiring, isolation and protection for optical fibers.

Specification : Binding circinal or square pipe; 5 hole or 7 hole available for both HDPE or PVC material

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HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

HDPE double wall corrugated pipe have two layers, inside wall is smooth, outside wall presentsthe trapezium corrugated pattern. The products is high intensity, light weight, sound insulation, better utraviolet ray resistence, long duration and excellent bending property.

Application: Serve as protective sleeve for cable, radio and TV line of telecommunication, railway, expressway and tunnel.

Specification : HDPE110/ 100mm , HDPE100/ 90mm , PE110/ 94mm

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HDPE Sub-Duct

HDPE Sub-pipe is made of HDPE, it used as communication optical/electronic cable protection pipe. The inner wall is smooth and easily to bend and insert the cable for speeding the construction

Application: Optical cable and electronic cable protection

Specification : 32mm / 28mm , 34mm / 28mm

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Fabricated from qualitative raw material, our CPVC pipes and fittings are available in different sizes. These are odorless and hygienic pipes that are perfect for transporting potable drinking water as they do not subject to contamination.Resistance to rusting, chemical reactions and free from scale formation provides durability to CPVC pipe and fittings. 

Specification : 75mm, 110mm, 139mm, 167mm, 192mm, 219mm

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